Immersive theatre and Play Space for Complex Additional Needs

Our new family project Wildheart is currently in development. Our new project is growing out of the success and iterative practice of Otherworld our very popular and much loved touring multimedia installations.  Wildheart will be experiential and unfold within an immersive multisensory multimedia self-contained environment themed on ancient, magical, wild woods of Britain. The audience will join performers and characters within our magical immersive theatre installation in an adventure full of surprises that unfolds around them. Join us for a magical journey into the heart of the wildwoods …..we will make camp make camp together as the magic unfolds around us.

On securing funding we will be touring theatres and schools around East and West Sussex …..watch this space for more news as well as news on fundraising events!

“The immersive theatre show was amazing, awesome and out of this world!  – Parent

Wildheart will offer:

Wildheart will be a fun, tactile, interactive themed installation space, crafted to stimulate the senses of participants, through sound, light, colour, texture and play. Our specialist performers and facilitators will take the form of magical characters of the Wildwood who explore and animate the installation with storytelling, theatre, music, play and puppetry, following the lead of the participants.

The performances are aimed and tailored to children and adolescents with complex needs and SLD, but open to all. The environment specifically caters for the physical needs of participants, creating a safe, secure and creative space. We have worked closely with MENCAP, Scope, Autism Sussex, advocacy charities such as Amaze and parent groups in developing Otherworld.

Wildheart will be tailored to the needs of each individual participant. As well as enjoying a stimulating creative experience, they benefit by:

  • Building trusting relationships
  • Developing communications skills, verbal and non-verbal
  • Expressing and exploring feelings
  • Developing social interaction skills, such as turn-taking and leading
  • Listening and observing
  • Developing artistic and creative skills
  • Improving self-image and confidence
  • Working with their imagination
  • Creating opportunities and skills for self-advocacy
  • Working safely, with clear boundaries
  • Most importantly, having fun

What people have said about our work:

‘The first place that we can all go together and play and its so much fun!’ (sibling)

‘I would highly recommend Otherworld to any school or college mainstream or specialist. Absolutely stunning stuff.’  (Teacher)

‘I would highly recommend Otherworld to any school or college mainstream or specialist. Absolutely stunning stuff.’  (Teacher)

We are a registered charity no. 1180547

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