Squirrel and the Midnight Forest

A fun and inclusive, interactive sensory film for all the family set in the magical world of the Midnight Forest.

Developed especially for neurodiverse families to enjoy together, join squirrel and his friends on an exciting adventure.

"Pure magic! We loved pulling faces at the monster."


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Especially designed to be easily adapted to the needs of different children. An animated film packed with interactive sensory moments

Our adventure is aimed at children between 3 - 12 years but can be enjoyed by everyone!

We will help you prepare specially designed interactive sensory moments at home with our handy how-to pack.

We will model the interactive sensory moments during the film and you can pause the film whenever you like to suit your needs. You can build an indoor forest den and dress up as a forest creature before the film or just come along and let the fun begin. You can watch the film as one unit or split into chapters for easy viewing.

Become part of the adventure with stag, owl and squirrel in this fun interactive sensory film packed with animations, sensory moments, puppets, storytelling, music and fun! 

Will they solve the mystery of the face at the bottom of the pool and find squirrels hidden nuts?

"I want to go to the woods every night"


"Astonishing, Ella was engaged throughout. That’s really never happened before."


"We all watch it together and the sensory moments make it different every time, thank you."


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If you have any queries, please don’t hesitate to contact us at

Email us at ariane@differentplanetarts.org.uk