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About Different Planet Arts

Different Planet Arts produces unique sensory theatre and immersive arts experiences and delivers Inclusive Play Skills Training, for children and young people with complex disabilities 

“Real sense of wonder... such a joy… pure play and fun” -Parent

Covid 19


This is a challenging time we all find ourselves navigating. We have sadly needed to cancel our Wildheart Sensory Theatre Tour and other live events until the autumn/ winter when we hope to bring you more magic and wonder from the Wildwood. 

In the meantime, with the kind support of the Sussex Community Foundation we have been working hard on developing our online offer to help support parents and carers of children and young people with complex additional needs.

Please visit our exciting new online inclusive play skills support page which is packed full of ideas and resources for creating inclusive play during Covid. Our team will also be running inclusive play skills support zoom workshops for parents and carers through July in parallel with a play skills Facebook Support Group, come and join in! Please see our social media for details.

Wishing all our families well during this time.

We work in theatres, arts centres, schools, hospitals and community settings to create events, experiences and environments in which we facilitate participants to co-create and play – connecting their inner and outer worlds. We are an artist-led charity who promote inclusion and empowerment through imagination and participation.

We work with hard to reach individuals and communities, devising different events and happenings tailored to the needs of specific groups of participants. We design 360-degree inclusion into our projects, allowing participants to invite and take part equally with their families and friends.

We also deliver training in sensory theatre and inclusive play for parents, carers and professionals.

"The first place that we can all go together and play and its so much fun!" - Sibling

Our Vision for Sensory Theatre & Inclusive Play

Different Planet Arts believes in a world where arts experiences and events are accessible to everyone and celebrated as part of the everyday cultural landscape. We believe that access and participation in cultural and arts experiences are fundamental to the human experience and vital to the health and empowerment of individuals and communities. We enable those who are often excluded and experience social isolation to participate in creative activities alongside family, peers and within the wider community.

We believe in:

Transformation: The therapeutic value of theatre and the arts and their ability to affect and create positive change in peoples’ lives. Our work is both thought-provoking and fun.

Connection: Participation and collaborative partnerships are central to our work.

Community: Strengthening communities and facilitating access to the arts through the creation of diverse cultural platforms.

Creativity and the arts provide key opportunities for emotional and social development, building communication and motor skills and promoting wellbeing.

Disabled children, young people and their families experience marginalisation from society and often feel excluded from the arts and cultural life.  Facilities and experiences may not be genuinely accessible, and those that are may be separate events. Inclusive events are not always created with the same production values and quality of performance, limiting opportunities for participants’ engagement and enjoyment. Families often feel there is not enough specialist provision necessary to support their needs and to deliver genuine inclusion. Families and friends experience limited access to cultural and social events where everyone is able to participate, benefit and enjoy together. This can result in isolation and a lack of peer appropriate relationships and the opportunities to live and learn together often taken for granted by most of us.

What we do

We combine our skills and experience as dramatherapists and play therapists, musicians, storytellers, puppeteers, performers and visual and digital artists to create truly ground breaking work that is fresh and vibrant. We integrate therapeutic methodology with interactive environments and high-quality performance to create possibilities for participation and inclusion.

We believe in using the senses as a key component of the work we deliver. We create magical worlds where sight, sound, smell, touch, taste and movement combine. Our theatre experiences are vehicles for discovery, connection and community. We produce work with high production values and that is satisfying, enjoyable and therapeutic.

To find out more about the benefits of our projects and to read feedback from our previous visitors, have a look at our Facebook Page and Twitter and Instagram accounts. You can leave us a review, ask a question and get news on upcoming events.

We are a registered charity no. 1180547

“Being with other families was great, and all our family took part – great theatre and music it was gently focused on the individual needs of the children. Gentle, calm space – more please!” – Parent.

"We can’t wait for more!" – Parent 

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